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GHOSTS OF GONE BIRDS is an ongoing art project dedicated to  breathing life back into the birds we have lost – so we don’t lose any more.


GHOSTS OF GONE BIRDS are raising a creative army for conservation through a series of multimedia exhibitions that breathe artistic life back into extinct bird species, celebrating their diversity through paintings & sculpture, talks & poetry, installations & live music. Currenlty over 180 artists, writers and musicians are committed to this cause, including GUY GARVEY, MARC RILEY & WILL SERGEANT.


GHOSTS OF GONE BIRDS will be creating a series of Ghost Spaces up and down the country to house our creative collection of Gone Birds. Each of their artists has adopted an extinct species and breathed life back into it through their creative talents. Check out their site to see when the next Ghosts Event is happening.


GHOSTS OF GONE BIRDS will raise money and awareness for BirdLife International's Preventing Extinctions programme.


THE LOCAL is proud to be involved in supporting this project by offering to host a GHOSTS OF GONE BIRDS presence/gallery at your venue or event, according to your budget and space. Please contact us for more details.


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