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Rooted in Live Music, THE LOCAL has been an independent promoter of exciting new music and events for over ten years. We work with the finest artists, venues and people to make amazing events happen. We promote our own festival events Europe-wide, and work with many excellent festivals to help curate various sections. Clients include CAMP BESTIVAL, WILDERNESS, SECRET GARDEN PARTY, END OF THE ROAD...


We have an amazing booking agency roster and take a great pride in strategically collaborating with our artists to develop sustainable careers.


THE LOCAL is run by intrepid and highly skilled music activists, who draw upon an extended pool of experts in all kinds of areas, bringing great events and projects to fruition. We manage, promote, curate, book, project manage and consult the heck out of all kinds of good stuff, and we love to collaborate, so do get in touch.


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THE LOCAL is proud to be a part of the LONDON FOLK GUILD, of which our most cherished and venerable leader HOWARD MONK is current chairman.




I started The Local after putting on shows with my own bands. I have worked at 93 Feet East and The Arts Council along the way and have morphed into a hybrid consultant -booking agent-promoter-curator-drummer which is less complicated than it sounds. I study, write, volunteer, and participate. I get a great feeling from working with others to help make things happen. Read my blog. Get in touch.


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* NOTE: If you're getting in touch to have us hear your music - make it easy please! Not that we're dead precious but we ARE dead busy! Please send us a link to soundcloud or bandcamp, that would be amazing. Don't send us to a place where we have to download or jump through a hoop or two. That wouldn't be amazing.


Please don't send us to MySpace. Where have you been?